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Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena Windsor

Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena Windsor

23 March
Hi i'm Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena Windsor more known as Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie of York
I was born on March 23th 1990 to Parents : His Royal Highness Prince Andrew Duke of York, and Sarah Ferguson ,Duchess of York
i also have one older sister , Beatrice (17) she's also in here with nickname princess_bea (be sure to add her)
Favorite color : purple
Favorite food : corn on the cob, hotdogs and donuts
Favorite sports : Soccer , Field Hockey , skiing , swimming and riding and loves watching f1 from now on,and rugby aswell actually polo is great too
Loves to play video games
Loves reading Harry Potter
Uses mobile phone too much for text-messaging (according to father)
I'm also very sporty and more academic
I also have a beautiful singing voice ( which makes sister jealous )
School :Marlborough College in Wiltshire (boarding school)
Previous schools:Upton house school , Cowarth Park school , St.George's Windsor.
I also know Princess Anne,prince Charles,Edward and Andrew and guess who else i know Sarah Ferguson i also knew my aunt Dian but sady she's not with us anymore (aunty r.i.p) i also know HRH Princes William&Harry who are my cousins and guess who are my cousins aswell? Zara&Peter Phillips.Yeah my family is roya and i love them for who they are and not for what they do.
You may guess that Harry is a party animal,and William is a super boy,you may know my sister Bea who's next Zara Phillips and then Peter who's really supportive and at the end here is me the small Eugenie who EVERYONE HATES!

i'm also a friend of : kal_penn , _benji__madden_ and others


i'm also looking for icons

[i'm not really princess Eugenie,neither i don't try to copy her.She's the most preetyest girl i have ever seen.And i'm just trying to show you all how the royal life is hard.You need to be in public eyes 24/7 and try to look good and be careful about what you're talking and what you're doing unless you're getting punished.I just want to show how much i suport royals they are amazing!]